Restol™ Wood Oil
Your exterior wood as good as new and protected against the elements.

Durable protection

Restol™ Wood Oil offers the perfect protection, all year round. It contains an active UV filter that preserves the colour. Restol™ Wood Oil also forms a protective layer against moisture: droplets stay on the surface of the wood rather than penetrating it. You get a durable and beautiful finish!

How to carry out maintenance

The versatile solution

Restol™ is multifunctional: it is available in many colours and is suitable for all your external wood: from garden chairs to verandas and from summerhouses to decking. With more than eighteen colours in the range, there is always a colour to suit your needs. All you have to do now is choose!

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Easy to apply

Apply Restol today and start enjoying the end result straight away! Restol™ Wood Oil is easy to apply and quick-drying. Sanding is not normally required. Your garden and external wood will look like new again in less than a morning’s work!

Details about how to apply Restol™