Restol™ Wood Oil
Your exterior wood as good as new and protected against the elements.

Durable protection

Restol™ offers perfect protection in all seasons. It contains a UV-filter which preserves the color. In addition, Restol ™ forms a protective layer against humidity: the drops remain on the surface of the wood. The result is durable and beautiful in a satin or matt finish.

How to carry out maintenance

The versatile solution

Restol™ is multifuctional and suitable for all your outdoor applications for wood. Restol™ is both available in a satin or a matt finish. Restol™ Satin is your trusted oil-based product. Restol™ Matt is a new, water based variant.

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Easy to apply

Apply Restol™ and you can enjoy the results right away! Restol™ is easy to apply, dries quickly and sanding is not nessesary before you start painting your garden timber. Your garden and outdoor wood will look as new again in less than a morning’s work!

Details about how to apply Restol™