Linseed Oil

Restol™ Wood Oil is based on linseed oil

Flax (Linum usitatissimumis) is an extremely useful plant. Flax fibres are not only used to make linen, but they are also pressed to make sheets used for construction purposes. Its seeds can also be pressed to release oil. This oil is known as linseed oil and is a valuable, natural resource.

Linseed was one of the first oils to be used. It has been used for centuries in paints and varnishes; products which are becoming popular once more. Linseed oil is used to make soap and traditional putty, as well as being used for medicinal purposes. After being pressed for oil, flaxseed remains are used for cattle feed, since they have a high protein content.

Linseed oil is heated before being applied in Restol™ Wood Oil, which cross-links or polymerises the oil. Heating the oil changes the molecules allowing the product to dry much more rapidly. When heated linseed oil dries, it hardens to form linoxyn, a strong polymer. This is what makes it so suitable as a base for Restol™ Wood Oil.